I have been the instructor-of-record for both traditional classroom and online-based courses at Iowa State University and the University of Missouri. I enjoy sharing my passion for personal financial planning and counseling and guiding students throughout the learning process. Student evaluation data and comments are available upon request.

Experience (Current as of September 2018):


As Instructor-of-Record:

Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa

Department of Human Development & Family Studies

HD FS 239: Consumer Issues                                            


Spring/Fall 2018



University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri

Department of Personal Financial Planning

PFP 283: Financial Planning Computer Applications  


Spring/Fall 2013-2015


PFP 283:  Financial Planning Computer Applications  

Undergraduate (online)      

Spring/Fall 2016

Summer 2013, 2015-2016


As Graduate Teaching Assistant:

Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa

Lead Instructor: Heather L. Rouse, Ph.D.

Children, Family, & Public Policy                




Lead Instructor: Amanda Hardy Hillman, Ph.D., LPC

Consumer Issues                                            




Lead instructor: Diana Lang Baltimore, Ph.D.

Individual and Family Development, Health, & Well-being                                   





University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri

Lead instructor: Rui Yao, Ph.D., CFP®

Computer Applications                                  




Financial Planning: Case Analysis               







Quotes taken from student evaluation comment sheets:

  • "I actually really enjoyed the flipped style of the classroom. Thank you for quick email responses and help during class time! Very much enjoyed the course and you as an instructor."
  • "Was very good at keeping the classes attention. He was very good at teaching the lessons in depth with lots of examples and explanations."
  • "Jesse was an excellent instructor. Very enthusiastic about the class and [the] students success."
  • "You are very knowledgeable and have an exceptional ability to project the information."
  • "I like how well Jesse interacted with us and how dedicated he was to helping us learn."
  • "Interested in us learning, easy to follow, willing to answer questions and go over more examples. Very approachable."





Jesse Jurgenson